Websites for QEEG & Neurofeedback NFB

For information about the qEEG brain mapping system
we use and qEEG (Brain Mapping) go to:    Click on Take a Tour

To see how a patient is prepped for a qEEG see this video.


Prepping for a qEEG Video

For information on Neurofeedback (NFB)
see the following Neurofeedback Videos:

1) Brain training to help with anxiety and ADHD

Help for Anxiety & ADHD via Brain Training Video 1


Anxiety & ADHD Help via Brain Training Video 2

2) Neurofeedback for Age Related Cognitive Decline

Age Related Cognitive Decline - Neurofeedback Video

3) What is Neurofeedback

What Is Neurofeedback? - EEG INFO Videos

4) See Rob's quote in...

Rewiring Your Brain: Neurofeedback Goes Mainsteam

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